To purchase Babani books using a credit or debit card

Bernard Babani (publishing) Ltd does not accept Credit or Debit cards. However for customers wanting to order books with a credit or debit card please choose one of the following links:

From our web site make a note of the 13-digit ISBN number for each ‘Babani’ book that you wish to purchase.

Fill in the 13-digit ISBN number into the ‘Search’ box and left-click the symbol to start the search.

Alternatively by highlighting and right-clicking the 13-digit ISBN number in the Babani web site you can ‘copy’ this and then by right-clicking the ‘Search’ box of the web site you wish to purchase the book from you can ’paste’ this ISBN number in position. Then left-click the symbol to start the search,

Details of the book you wish to order should appear and then follow the web site instructions to complete your purchase.

Please Note: Bernard Babani (publishing) Ltd is not responsible in any way for the supply of any books ordered in this manner.